Certain issues, recurring faults or unmet goals require further investigation to determine what factors are at play and what can be put in place to resolve them. My enological expertise, numerous experimental projects and diagnostic ability allow me to bring added value to winemakers.

I can offer advice on various domains :

Laurent Chancholle - Expertise œnologique - Bordeaux
  • Management of vine nutritional imbalances

  • Microbial management (limiting contaminations from undesirable microorganisms, ensuring the fermentations),

  • Oxygen management (micro-oxygenation, oxygen audit),

  • Implementing new winemaking techniques for more precise wines or the creation of a specific wine,

  • Sulfite reduction,

  • Support towards organic winemaking,

  • Implementation and running of trials : state of the art analysis, study protocol, trial running and reporting,

  • Bibliographic research and synthesis.


My way of working is naturally “participatory”, engaging all the stakeholders.

There are different stages which should be adapted according to the project :

  • Audit/Evaluation

Laurent Chancholle - Visites des installations
  • Communication with staff and the teams

  • Site and vineyard visits

  • Tasting wines in barrel /bottled wines

  • Compilation of background information (picking dates, must/wine analyses, winemaking process, practices, etc…)

  • Objectives set with associated tastings

Laurent Chancholle - Visites des installations
  • Co-creation of a work plan dependent on set objectives

  • Implementation of actions

  • Monitoring and overview of results

  • Conveying of knowledge and expertise